SE 101

Social Enterprises sit nicely between non-profit and for-profits. They are organizations that use business and the market in order to achieve social and/or environmental purposes. Although social enterprises focus on social impact, business expertise is equally important for their success.
Striking a balance between multiple spheres can be challenging, especially if you are new to this field. Lucky for you there are tons of great material available. We have curated a few interesting resources below to get you started. Enjoy the trip!


What is social enterprise? – BC Centre for Social Enterprise

What is an Employment Social Enterprise? – TEF

How to start a Social Purpose Business – Futurpreneur

Start and grow a social enterprise – Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


Centre for Social Innovation




Social Enterprise Council of Canada

Social Enterprise Toronto

Social Ventures Zone

Toronto Enterprise Fund

We are always looking to grow this list. Feel free to send suggestions our way!