Meet the team

Our team specializes in different aspects of strategy and business implementation that are crucial to various types of social enterprises. Each professional is assigned to match your needs, helping you to achieve your goals in a timely matter.
Dr. Leticia Ferreira

Letícia is fascinated by the transformative power of people and organizations. She has over 15 years of experience managing programs, projects, and events with a social impact for companies, non-profits and social enterprises alike. Letícia also has a Ph.D. in business management with a focus on social enterprises and a Master in Corporate Responsibility by the University of Nottingham.

Her expertise includes employment social enterprises, business planning and strategy, project management and evaluation, stakeholder and volunteer engagement, capacity building and training, and institutional communication. 

Nathalia Prieto, MSc

Nathalia is a specialist in designing and implementing new ideas into sustainable organizations, especially within cleantech and urban agriculture. She has collaborated with start-ups, small businesses, social enterprises and large companies in Brazil, the UK, and Canada, developing business plans, fundraising, and managing projects from inception to conclusion.

Nathalia also has a Masters in Entrepreneurship by the University of Nottingham and is skilled in multiple business techniques (Lean Startup, Ingenuity Thinking®, Agile, and others) and has helped small businesses to gather over £1 million in grants.