We offer coaching and implementation on different types of projects – you can see some examples below but Strategy is not a one-solution-fits-all that is why our services are tailored to fit your reality.

If you are considering creating a social enterprise, we can:

  • define your social enterprise purpose and design a model that is aligned with it;
  • decide on the best business model for your social enterprise with financial projections;
  • test your assumptions before you commit with your idea through market research.

If you are already developing an idea for a social enterprise, we can:

  • do a feasibility study and/or a business plan;
  • help you decide on relevant aspects of your organization such as your organizational chart, marketing plan, etc.;
  • review and refine your social enterprise model and strategy, including social and financial aspects;
  • assess the risks and opportunities of your idea.

If you are a non-profit considering alternatives to boost your programs or increase your sustainability, we can:

  • work with you to review your strategy and action plans;
  • define or refine your social purpose, intended social impact, logic models and theory of change and check for alignments with the social enterprise model;
  • design social enterprises aligned with your social mission and resources.

If you are a for-profit that wants to be more like a social enterprise, we can:

  • work with you to define your social purpose and/or intended social impact;
  • help you differentiate between social responsibility and social enterprise and decide which approach is more aligned with your business.
Meet our team or book your first meeting for free to check if we are the right fit for your plans. We’ll create a safe space, and listen closely to understand who you are and what do you want to achieve.