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Welcome to SES

Welcome to SES

Hi, I’m Leticia, founder of Social Enterprise Strategy. 

Our ability to create and transform fascinates me. Empowering individuals to achieve positive social impact through projects and organizations is at the core of my actions. 

During my Ph.D., I studied the influence of individuals on social enterprises. Among other insights, my research showed that business expertise is crucial to social enterprise success.

The idea behind SES is simple, to provide business and strategic acumen to those venturing within the social enterprise field.

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Tailored & Supportive

We focus on aspects of social enterprise strategy and business to help you achieve your social mission.

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Tailored & Supportive

Want to know more about Social Enterprise first?

Great! There is a sea of information and good resources out there.


Quality at an affordable cost

Do not let prices inhibit you from contacting us, especially if you are a member of an under-represented group or a brand new organization.

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Quality at an affordable cost

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